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What is the difference between steel signs and plastic signs?

What is the difference between Steel Signs and Plastic Signs?

Custom signages act as strong weapons for a brand’s identity. Signages can be made using a range of materials like corrugated plastic, PVC, Acrylic, steel, wood, marvel and more. Choosing a material for your office signages is an important decision which can lift up or risk your brand’s reputation. The rigidity of the materials decides the durability of the signage. Wood, plastic, PVC and suchlike materials are cheaper but they need extra care every day while stainless steel signages shine on for long without putting much effort.


Mostly, the signages need one-time investment and they benefit the workplace with 24×7 automatic marketing and promotion. Big businesses usually go for aluminum or Stainless Steel Signs for important areas or designations so that least maintenance results in a prolific marketing. The budget, sustainability, application, and style are considered while choosing a signage material. Here is the list of differences between Custom Steel Signs and plastic signs that will make your purchase easier and quick.


Style – Steel signages are tough and usually they come with a matte finish. Plastic signages have glossy finish that may not go with a brand’s class.

Durability – Plastic signages are only good when they are installed inside a building. The UV rays damage the gloss and quality of the plastic signages when they are installed outside but steel signages stand tall inside and outside a building.

Cost – Plastic signages are cheaper and easier to find but Canvas Signages offer high-quality stainless steel signages at very competitive prices that don’t bother a buyer’s budget.

Stainless steel signages are very reliable and worthwhile. There is no risk of rust or corrosion or fading of the matte finishing. Canvas Signages takes pleasure in boosting your brand’s identity with top-notch steel signages.