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Importance of using no mobile signs

Importance Of Using No Mobile Signs

Usage of cell-phones has increased significantly over the years and nowadays people use mobile phones almost everywhere, anytime. Advancement of smart-phone technology has benefited us in multiple ways and has made life pretty easy as compared to previous years; however, there are certain zones and places mobile phones must not be used such as hospitals, restricted areas, schools, petrol stations, meeting rooms to name a few and as a business, you want visitors to respect that. This is where; “No Mobile Signs” come handy.


No Mobile Phone Sign In Hospital: Hospital is a place where hundreds and thousands of patients come for treatment every-day. Whether it’s general-ward , operation theatre or ICU, some patients are in critical condition and their health may get adversely affected due to noise or usage of mobile phones around. “No cell-phone allowed” sign may help you know the visitors that mobile phones are strictly not allowed in these areas.


Petrol Stations: Using cell-phones at petrol stations can result into a big fire hazard and capable of putting thousands of lives at risk besides loss of millions and millions of dollars. Use “No Cell-Phone Allowed” at petrol pumps and let your customers know about the restricted usage at your establishment.


Meeting Rooms: Meeting room is a place where serious discussions and strategies take place. You may want to discourage the use of mobile phones while the meeting is on. Use “Cell-Phone Not Allowed” sign in meeting rooms to let your employees switch off their cell-phones without needing to communicate the same in person.


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