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Custom number signs at canvas signages

Custom Number Signs at Canvas Signages

Only number sign is a sign that graces doors of all kinds these days. They can be seen on doors in hotels, apartment buildings, offices, theaters and even banks. They are widely used to identify one person’s location from the other in a big / small establishment.


Numbers and signs have been used since the olden times and this is a time-honored tradition. They are extremely vital to single out and button down the person you are looking for. If the only number sign is lacking in a large establishment like say, an office; it would be very hard to locate / spot anyone and would lead to chaos and disorganization.


Hence, numbers and signs are indispensable to pinpoint somebody in an institution or enterprise especially one that is large enough to get lost in. The same goes for an apartment building or a hotel.


1. We offer a superabundance of numbers and signs with a wide variety to suit different tastes and temperaments.

2. Our steel signages are matte finished and we have a wide variety of plates with the numbers and signs inscribed within to take you to a different era altogether.

3. We put forward various plates and only number signs with a huge assortment of sizes and colors to ensure that we essentially have something for everybody.

4. Some numbers and signs come with embellishments for the most artistic hearts and simple matte finished black steel plates for the people who love clean and elegant lines.